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We all need heroes!

Even pint-sized ones! What do you think his superpower is?



Caught with your pants down?

Saw this at a fire station in Beantown and I had to laugh. Maybe he had a bathroom emergency or maybe it’s just part of preparing your gear for the next emergency. Seriously though, all due respect to firefights. It’s a tough job and only unsung heroes need apply.


The invisible man sighting


I saw him on a busy street, waiting for the green light to cross. Just because you’re invisible, doesn’t mean you’re invincible.

I learn a new word

I learned a new word today courtesy of a fellow rider on Metro North who was trying to pick up on a girl.

The word: Volumptuous

Pronunciation: \və-ˈləmp(t)-shə-wəs, -shəs\

Function: adjective

Etymology: Slang English, derived from Fergie’s song: my humps, my humps, my lovely little lumps: volumptuous

Date: 21st century

definition: suggesting sensual pleasure by fullness and beauty of lovely lady lumps, in particular when the lumps are placed in Seven or True Religion jeans leads to money spendin’ and screamin’ <volumptuous hotties>

Example of use in a sentence per the originator of said word:

“I want a tattoo of a Latina pinup girl, real sexy like, you know, volumptous.”

Sticks and Stones…

In case any of you are worried that kids today know far too many four letter words, you can rest easy.

My neighbor’s kids were playing in the yard today and this is as shocking as their taunts got:

“Neener neener neener, you’re a wiener! You hear me? I said you’re a wiener!”

No Wok Allowed

roommate wanted

I too, am afraid of shiny red boxes

telephone box