Gout – The Rich Man’s Disease

My vegetarian friends might be aghast at the sheer number of hapless mollusks and crustaceans that have been shucked, steamed, and deep-fried for my culinary enjoyment but they can unruffle their lettuce leaves and indulge in a little schadenfreude. (I can spell this word without looking it up. How cool am I?) Karma can be a bitch and I just got a full-extension, back-handed slap to my face in the form of a mild case of gout, or at least I think it’s gout. Either that or it’s early onset arthritis.

What is gout? Well according to wiki, gout is a condition where little crystals of uric acid have attached themselves to your joints and cause flashes of pain in those areas. This condition used to be more commonly known among the affluent, since excess consumption of protein and purine rich foods such as foie, lobster, crab, and even champagne can lead to gout.  Hence, the term “rich man’s disease” or  “disease of kings”. Yes.  There can be too much of a good thing.

So for the past couple of weeks, I’ve woken up to random twinges of pain in my joints, namely, the joint of the middle finger on my left hand, and in my toes, making it slightly uncomfortable to walk sometimes.  Gout does commonly strike the big toe. And just why my middle finger is afflicted is perplexing to me, but since I’ve matured beyond flipping people the bird, it doesn’t impede my forward motion. Just the matter of the toes and trying not to look too gimpy.

Though my symptoms clearly do not exhibit the acute pain and inflammation commonly attributed to gout, I’m fairly certain that the seafood weekend in CT did me in. Luckily, I find that the further away I get from my seafood adventures, the more the symptoms dissipate. Clearly I have swung the pendulum too far in gastronomic excess and now in an attempt to bring the yin and yang back into balance, I am declaring a veggie detox for the next couple of weeks to cleanse my temple and garner forgiveness from the gods of retribution.  Shellfish can rest easy for now…

Here’s a little piece of trivial food fact: Did you know that in the old days, lobster was considered poor people food? Yes, according to lobster.org, Massachusetts had a law forbidding lobster to be served to servants and prisoners more than twice a week because a higher frequency would be inhumane.

*quick update* Unbeknownst to me, today is World Vegetarian Day and it kicks off Vegetarian Awareness Month. How apropos.


3 responses to “Gout – The Rich Man’s Disease

  1. Like any other illnesses, there are certain dos and don’ts when you suffer from gout. There are dietary requirements with this type of illness. Though you may not like the idea, those who are suffering from gout should follow these to make sure that it will be gone forever. Cure may not be instant, but it is worth it to see that the pain is gone.

    Gout Cure and Comfort

  2. A great gout remedy that is perfect for when you are lounging around at home is soaking your feet in an Epsom salt bath. Simply put 2 teaspoons of Epsom into your foot bath to create the gout cure and this should bring about gout swelling relief as the salts are a particularly good pain reliever and the source of the pain can sometimes be in your feet so this is a good area to target.

  3. Gouty arthritis without a doubt must be seen as a horrible problem, my partner has been suffering from the illness for quite a long time now. It puts a lot of stress on me, watching an important member of the family and friend experience pain attacks all too often. Following a proper food plan aimed at prevention and making use of the right treatment methods is something I believe to be a necessity. Personally, I suggest anyone who is currently noticing the first warning signs of gout to by any means take this serious. Better visit a physician better sooner than later and change your eating routine to prevent the outbreak of the condition. It is anything but fun, thats for sure! Look for healthy treatment options and keep clear of foods with high amounts of purine, wine etc for prophylaxis!

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