A Father’s Day Post

My dad has the most confounding sense of logic in the world, something I inherited from him in spades. He’ll often share his insights on life with me, leaving me shaking my head in confusion and laughing in amusement because I totally get it. Here’s a story about one of his theories.

I forget how it started but I know the topic began with my agreeing with Little Tiger that sharks fin is not something to be eaten because of the cruel ways in which a lot of it is harvested. Anyways, he went on to talk about harvesting sharks fin being a necessity in some areas and we need to take things into context and you can’t criticize cultures because of what they grew up with. Somehow, that led to a morbid recognition about cannibalism in Africa.

“When I was in Nigeria, if you went to a restaurant and ordered #5, it was secret for human meat. It was a necessity to survive at some point. It’s probably not happening much now except in areas far from central government influence.” (DISCLAIMER: my dad never ordered #5)

Anyways, gag reflex aside, his train of thought then led him to talk about vegetarians and why being against certain foods are illogical because it’s all about how you define life.

“If you eat a plate of baby bok choy, you are killing a lot of lives. How do you know that you didn’t kill something simply because you can’t hear it scream? It’s a plant life but it might experience pain and you just don’t know.  If you eat a beef dish, it only came from part of a cow so that one cow life created a lot of meals. In contrast, a plate of baby bok choy kills quite a few plants. It is a life after all. How many lives do you want to extinguish?”

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!  Thanks for raising me to be that weirdo kid on the playground who made no sense whatsoever. Love ya!


2 responses to “A Father’s Day Post

  1. I thought the bok choy/beef comment made a lot of sense. 🙂

  2. Who’s Little Tiger?

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