Secret Spain Party

Uh no, there were no politics involved nor was there some plot to create a new independence movement based on all things epicurean and Spanish. It wasn’t even really secret. The impetus for a gathering was the result of the odds and ends of canned foods we brought back from our trip which needed an occasion to enjoy. You can’t just open a can of ventresca or paté and devour it in secret without sharing right?

Difficult as it were, we decided the food was better shared and converged on L’s place on Saturday, bringing a selection of our brightly tinned goods to be eaten with glasses of Orangina and txakoli wine. Below are some of the assorted Spanish foodstuffs we brought back.

spain party stash

You don’t need to point out that the Azal brand of olive oil bought at El Corte Inglés is actually Portuguese and cannot be part of a Spain party. That the two countries are on the same peninsula is proximity enough for our purposes despite the years of power struggles and divided hemispheres, not to mention linguistic and cultural differences.  Their motto is “Olive oil with soul” and it’s damn good.

The other items to grace our table were M. Etxenike paté (really delicious), chipirones (baby squid) in their own ink, mejillones en escabeche (mussels in a spicy vinegar sauce), and pulpo. We also made tortilla española, tuna empanada, and pulpo a la gallega along with some tetilla cheese and grilled asparagus.   For dessert, we had tocino de cielo (custard), loosely translated as “bacon of the sky”.

spain party empanadas

chipirones spain party

Clearly we had an over abundance of food which the table could barely accommodate.  And we still have quite a number of cans left between us.  Enough for a few more Spain parties. If anyone knows of a flamenco guitar player who is willing to provide musical ambience in exchange for food the next time we bust out the can openers, let me know.

spain party table


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