Failed kogi run saved by good pizza

I made plans to have lunch with Freddy (he of Cool Rules Pronto fame and Atomic Tango reknown) when I was in OC this past weekend and he suggested that we try to make a run for Kogitruck.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you would know that the Kogi truck is the latest craze to hit LA by storm since Pinkberry had the city in a tart and tangy frenzy.  I debated about it as I have yet to be convinced that any food is worth a two hour wait but since Freddy is all about marketing and I am all about food and since Kogitruck seems to have done both brilliantly, I decided to tough out the wait so I too get can marinate in some Kogi love.

So that’s how I ended up on Abbot Kinney drive expecting a snaking line and plumes of kimchi laced smoke, staring bewilderedly at this sight.

empty lot brig venice

Turns out, we confused am vs pm and ended up being twelve hours early.  Just as well, no way I was trekking up to LA to stand in line in the middle of the night.  Were it Etxebarri on Wheels, I might have camped out for a few hours.  Not all was lost because Abbot Kinney is a great street to stroll along on a quintessentially sunny LA day. We ended up grabbing a few slices of tasty pizza at Abbot Kinney Pizza.  The bagel dough added a nice chewy texture and was a solid support base for the fresh toppings.  I opted for a pizza with an obnoxious amount of thinly sliced mushrooms and dollops of briny black olive tapenade.  Definitely hit the spot. Need I mention that I didn’t have to wait two hours?

Freddy at Abbot Kinney Pizza


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