random audio snippets

Standing in line for (overrated but serviceable) cha shu bao at Good Luck Dim Sum on Clement. Berkeley dude to his friends: I went to the movie theater yesterday by myself and the woman taking my ticket said, “you’re watching a movie by yourself?!!! Wow, that is soooo sad. Your life must be soooooo SAD.” 

Same group of people at Good Luck, some chick says: “you know what word I hate? Moist.” (Funny to me only because my friend J from Boston also hates the word moist because it sounds dirty. I like the word because it sounds a little dirty, even the way you have to form your lips to say it is a little dirty. *Update* as if on cue, some porn site tried to put comment spam on my page, they found me using the word.)

A new simile as told to me by Neen: “I was hotter than a whore in church.” (Hmmm, that is a new one.  I like it and I will use it.)

Woman outside BART screaming at no one in particular “I want my money! Gimme my G*D D*MN money!!” (Amen to that sister, I want my money too. No, I cannot bring myself to write the Lord’s name in vain.)

The (hetero)Fashionista as we confessed and professed our love for Michelle Obama: “I too love Michelle. Perhaps a bit more than her husband.”


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