An exercise in gluttony

The word buffet usually conjures up images of heatlamps, congealed meat, and that not so fresh feeling when you’ve consumed too much subpar food for your own good. So I didn’t know what to expect when I went to Goat Hill Pizza in Portrero Hills yesterday for their Monday night neighborhood buffet. As my friend B put it, “it’s like dimsum but with pizza, they bring the food to you.” Hey, I’m all about being served and yeah, they done brung it.

Goat Hill bills itself as a sourdough crust place and I was kind of apprehensive because as much as I like sourdough, I was worried that the tang would overwhelm everything and curdle my tongue. Happily, the thin crust was just the right ph, fluffy on top and nice and crispy on the bottom.  And the slices were small so you could try the different varieties. The friendly staff kept coming around and around with different trays of piping hot pizza that I had to wave my napkin as a flag of surrender.

B impressed one of the servers with his appetite and our running joke was that he would always eat what that one guy brought. Sure enough, everytime he came around, down went a slice onto B’s plate.  I think he must have hit at least 15 to 20 slices before he was almost full. Note that I said almost full. The rest of us had acquiesced before hitting double digits. I think B could have kept going but we were all ready to lapse into a food coma.

This is now my favorite pizza place in the city, if not for the food, then for the friendly, neighborhood vibe.  I so wish I lived within delivery range because this is definitely a pizza to crave.  I think it’ll have to be a regular lunch spot on my bus route. Can you imagine having a slice of Goat Hill pizza for lunch and then going up the block to Baked for a blondie while basking in the sunshine of Portrero Hill? Yes, yes I can.

Goat Hill Pizza


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