Sunny Afternoon in the Mission

Sunny days in San Francisco are not to be wasted by staying indoors. I hopped on muni and headed to the Mission to rendezvous with the Anarchick.  I’m always amazed by the number of micro-climates that coexist within this seven square mile patch of land that I live on.  Each area in the city carefully guards its boundaries like the DMZ allowing no overlap.  Walk one block, cross the street and you can step out of the sun and into a blanket of fog. Usually, there’s a ten degree difference between my neighborhood and the Mission, but today, there must have been some kind of truce because the sun blanketed the city equally, ensuring parity and peace among all.

Since I was early, I took a quick stroll to Dolores Park and was surprised at how quiet it was. Normally on a day like this, the park is covered by a sea of sunbathing flesh but I suppose gainful employment keeps people indoors. If you’re lucky enough to be outside today, a good book and a quiet companion is probably as close to bliss as you can get.

dolores park

dolores park

We ended up grabbing a sandwich at Revolution Cafe on 22nd. It’s a pretty chill place with regulars chatting the day way.  I was expecting an average sandwich but it ended up being really delicious. My best description is that it’s prepared like a Cuban sandwich so the bread and filling is smooshed together into a crispy and melty mouthful.  And for less than 7 bucks, you can’t beat it.

chicken club sandwich

chicken club sandwich

Afterwards, we strolled down Valencia and went into a couple of cool stores. Laku is a wonderland of handmade items including whimsically knitted cats, nighties, tunics, and finger puppers.  If my financial situation was different, I would have picked up a few things then and there. However, I did manage to find inspiration from some of her stuff such as fingerless gloves that I might attempt to make myself. We also ducked into The Curiousity Shoppe which has some cool home decor and do it yourself crafts. I was immediately taken by this sunprint kit and am seriously thinking of running back and getting it. Can you tell my crafty side is creeping in?

And then for a sweet ending to the day, a banana cream pie from Tartine Bakery. They have the best banana cream pie in the world. The crust stays crisp and flaky from the layer of dark cholocate on the bottom but my favorite is the custard cream which is so decadent with a light drizzle of caramel.  No one makes it like they do.  It sounds heavy enough to sit at the bottom of your stomach but tastes remarkably light.  Mmmm Heaven.

Banana cream pie

Banana cream pie


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