Spain is only two weeks away and I can hardly stand it. Baby Fig and I happily got most of the logistics out of the way already and booked all the hotels, save a little scrambling due to car issues. And now most of the focus is on where to eat. Neen was given the duty of doing some food research as well. But I really believe that you can’t go wrong in Spain. If there aren’t tons of locals in the place, walk away. I’ll be happy with a simple bocadillo of jamon or tortilla for lunch.

Visions of pink jamon and crispy croquettas are already dancing in my one track mind. Gotta brush up on my castellano and memorize all the words for everything I want to eat.

The two meals I’m really excited about is lunch at Asador Etxebarri and dinner at Arzak. Both have been featured on the mouthwatering show “Spain on the Road Again” with Gwynny, Mario, Claudia, and Bitty as well as Tony’s No Reservations. Yes, I watch them so much that we are on a first name basis.

I’m particularly excited about Etxebarri because you know I love anything grilled. Would make my hunter gatherer ancestors so proud. Fire good! Meat good! Chez Pim wrote a great review a while back and posted some mouth watering pictures. It’s so close I can almost smell the coals. The restaurant is supposedly in the middle of nowhere so we’ll be able to get out of the city and see the rolling green country side.

My one gripe/concern is that due to the fact that daddy never taught me how to drive a stick shift, we can only rent an automatic car and because of rental hours, we have to go to Etxebarri on the same day as Arzak. Can there be too much of a good thing? I’m contemplating that because I know I’ll want to have the tasting menu at both places. Hey, it’s once in a life time right? I can only hope that there will be enough time between meals for me to digest and fully enjoy Arzak.

I’ve also been researching pintxo ettiquette because I don’t want to raise the ire of the Basques. These people run around carrying boulders on their backs for sport and I have no plans on being part of a demonstration of their brute strength. Note to self, practice squaring the shoulders with elbows out or I won’t be able to make my way to the bar in the midst of crowds. Short girls have to fend for themselves when in a crowd of giants.


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